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Automatic Identification & Data Capture AIDC / System Integrations

1- Argox | A Subsidiary of Sato Group-Japan


About Argox

1996 is the year Argox was established. Immediately started R&D for barcode printers and entered the market. Argox’s goal is to develop the best technology and meet the demand of international standards.

In January 2012, Argox Information Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of SATO Japan with a goal of becoming one of the top brands in the world.

ARGOXtake pride with its many achievements in R & D results that include “True Speed”, “Sub-sequence Memory Management”, “Super Historical Control” print control technology, “Multi-language platform, “Super-Alloy high speed” Printing module technology, winning awards like “ID EXPO TOP TEN”, “GOOD DESIGN PRODUCT 1998”, “SYMBOL OF EXCELLENCE WINNER”

In recent years, Argox presence in mainland China has grown rapidly, compelling Argox to set up a branch office in Shanghai, and later in other parts of China, with a goal of dominating the market in the mainland.
Automation Brain Offers Smart AIDC solutions for diversified industrial applications.

History of Sato Group-Japan

SATO was founded in 1940 to develop, manufacture, and sell machinery for processing bamboo, rattan and palm. Throughout its history, the company has been obsessed with meeting demands for labor efficiency. In 1962, our founder Yo Sato invented a hand labeler. The company subsequently became a pioneer in price marking, and was able to open up new markets when the hand labeler became a smash hit around the world. In 1964, we began independently manufacturing hand labelers, moving beyond the machine manufacturer paradigm to build the foundations of our supply business.

2- ABPL Smart & Innovative AIDC Solutions For Different Stages Of Industrial Process


1- Solutions For Manufacturing Area

4- Health-Care & Hospitality Solutions

2- Warehouse Automation

5- Retail Solutions

3- Transportation & Logistics


2.1- Solutions For Manufacturing Area

A - Product Labeling & Tracking

At the end of production line, parts and materials have been turned into finished products. To identify the product correctly, there will be several labels applied on the product representing the product model, safety level, agency approval types, and special sign/message for end-user to follow. These labels need to be produced right at the end of the production line so related labels can be applied to the products immediately.

ABPL full line barcode scanners and mobile computers can support label .

Product Labeling & Tracking

B - Parts & Material Labeling

Correctly identify parts and materials are the key of productivity. Labeling parts and materials is the critical spot affecting locating, dispensing, promptness, and, finally, the productivity of the whole manufacturing facility.

Parts and material ID numbers and descriptions are major information needed in parts label. Either presented in 1D or2D barcode, parts label is the key link between the raw material and all the complicated process involved to turn the raw material into finished product.

Parts and material label can be scanned by Argox full line barcode scanners ( 1D, 2D, corded linked with host computer, or wireless through Bluetooth to work with remote database ) to support parts/material verification requirements at different points in the manufacturing process.

Parts and materials need to be verified against Receiving Order when received. Parts and materials will need to be verified against Picking Order when been picked in the warehouse. Argox mobile computers are ready to serve and fulfill these requirements with different OS, barcode scanning engines, and wireless features to be selected based on customers’ infrastructure status and application requirements.

Parts & Material Labeling

2.2- Warehouse Automation

A - Order Picking

One of the daily operation in a warehouse is order picking. There are three major tasks involved in the order picking process:

Locating the parts/materials to be picked;

Pick up parts/materials listed in the order;

Update the inventory quantities in the inventory management system database.

The first equipment required to locate the parts/materials in the warehouse is a mobile computer with parts/materials order and inventory management system database loaded. Location information ( aisle number, shelf number, –etc ) of parts/materials selected in the order will be retrieved from the inventory management system database and displayed on the mobile computer screen to guide the staff to the location and pick the parts/materials up.

The second equipment needed is a barcode scanner. If a mobile computer as described above is in place, usually, barcode scanner should be implemented in the mobile computer. Otherwise, a separate barcode scanner can be prepared to work with a laptop or tablet with database and order sheet loaded. The warehouse staff needs to scan the parts/material label to get the P/N information. The P/N data together with quantities picked information will be used to update the inventory database.

Order Picking

B - Parts & Products Check-In/Check-Out

How to keep close and accurate track on everything checked in or out of the warehouse is the key purpose of implementing effective equipments associated with all warehouse operations. On top of these management protocols, the key media used, in most cases now, is barcode labels.

Argox label printers have been widely used in various scale factories and warehouses. Reliable, easy to use, and consumables ( labels and ribbons ) can easily be sourced are key advantages of Argox label printers over the last 20 years in the worldwide market.

To provide freedom to the warehouse staffs to scan parts or material label barcodes any place in the warehouse, Argox mobile computer series offer versatile function and features to adopt the needs in various warehouse environments ( with wireless infrastructure, with Bluetooth short range pier-to-pier communication interface, without any wireless setup ) to scan all labels and collect 1D or 2D barcode data for warehouse check-in and check-out management.

Parts & Products Check-In/Check-Out

2.3- Transportation & Logistics

A - Loading Management

Loading Management

B - Shipping & Receiving

Shipping & Receiving

2.4- Health-Care & Hospitality Solutions

A - Medical Supply Management

Medical Supply Management

C - Medicine Dispensing

Medicine Dispensing

B - Record Management

Record Management

D - Patient Identification

Patient Identification

2.5 - Retailer Solutions

A - Order Picking & Shelving

Order Picking & Shelving

C - Price Checking

Price Checking

B - Receiving & Put Away

Receiving & Put Away

3 - ABPL-System Integration


ABPL Delivering You The Best Technological Solutions

Our teams of systems integration engineers offer a wealth of vendor independent experience drawn from diverse industries. We are system integrator’s who are committed to deliver the best technical solution and customer service throughout the whole life cycle of your system.Our expertise ranges from stand alone applications for PLC, HMI, and specialized software applications developed by our international partners as well as ABPL IT experts .

We have capabilities for integration of our industrial products (like CIJ, LASER, TIJ, DOD, TTO , Metal Detectors , Checkweighers, AIDC products ) with industrial software applications , we can also design customized solutions for specific applications and specific needs.

Technological Solutions

Automation Brain Consumer Promotion (AB-CP)

AB-CP , is a customized solution designed by ABPL experts , this is to empower packaging material manufacturers to offer pre-printed CP coding upon diversified packaging materials such as flexible laminates , Card-board cartons, Corrugated cartons, PET bottles , LDPE closures , Special aluminum films , paper films and any challenging substrate AB-CP solution can be modified for specific needs of our prestigious customers, This innovative idea enables both ABPL & packaging manufacturers to join hands for the promotion of customer products .

Standard AB-CP solution is based on Hidden Unique random codes printed on individual primary product packaging , this hidden code is only in the access of consumers who use to send this code to a server for a lucky draw and win a prize , this idea has phenomenally boosted-up market demand for customers products.

Consumer Promotion


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