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1 - Cost Controlling


1.1 - Automation Brain Total Care Services (AB-TCS)

Automation brain takes complete to ensure a smooth operation of industrial equipment ( Such as CIJ, TIJ, LASER & DOD etc,) while cutting-down the existing running expenses to bring cost effectiveness in terms of finance & operation advancements.

This business model includes complete services & supplies of equipment along-with on-site resident technical assistance.

Key Features Of AB-TCS.

Clients don’t have to maintain their inventory of consumables/spares, which causes high cost, as well as involves operational & procurement expenses & time during related activities.

No dedicated technical resources required in this model , so this saves a phenomenal cost.

One window operation and reporting structure for a hassle free auditing & record management.

Cost effective solution for the future technological advancements.

Total Care Services

1.2 - Automation Brain Labels Replacement Solutions ( AB- LRS )

Dramatically reduce your costs and improve quality with low-maintenance solutions for direct-carton coding & marking.

No more label machine jams or changes stopping your production line. Our low-maintenance direct carton printers pair with MPERIA® for easy message changes without the downtime.

Labels Replacement Solutions

1.3 - Automation Brain Pay Per Code ( AB-PPC )

Automation-Brain can help big users of Industrial Inkjet , TTO & TIJ for a phenomenal cost saving on their primary & secondary coding & marking applications by introducing (AB-PPC) Automation Brain-Pay-Per-Code business model .

Our prestigious customers saved huge printing cost while respecting quality of material and quality of work , several success stories can be shared with interested clients of AB-PPC.

Pay Per Code

1.4 - Automation Brain Cost Effective Fluids ( AB-CEF )

Automation brain Cost effective fluids, (100% Compatible) for industrial inkjet & DoD printers , we achieved many big challenges in order to get rid off industrial manipulation and heavy cost fluids for many renown inkject & DOD technologies .

There are several success stories which may shared with interested clients of AB-CEF cost saving method.

Cost Effective Fluids

2 - Automation Brain Complete Industrial Product To Pallet Solutions


Automation-Brain offers complete industrial coding , marking & inspection solutions from product to pallet , company offers most innovative & advanced solutions for saving cost & improving efficiency , including following:

Primary coding , marking & inspection

Secondary coding marking & inspection

Tertiary coding , labelling & inspection solutions .

Vision inspection solutions , for batch , Exp & Mfg codes inspection.

Advanced inspection solutions for diversified applications .

Complete Industrial Product To Pallet Solutions

3 - Automation Brain System Integration (AB-SI)


As a trusted partner to the Pakistan’s most advanced packaging, weighing and product inspection solution providers, Automation-Brain offers leading-edge line integration services on turnkey basis to many industrial sectors, ABPL has software development capabilities and integrated many applications with complete efficiency of solutions .

We integrate multiple CIJ & TTO with a traversing system , this solution reduces huge capital cost . In many cases we replaced 8- 12 Machines with two by the help of this smart technology.

ABPL offers COGNEX Vision System integration for enhanced vision inspection systems.

System Integration

4 - Automation Brain End Of Line Automation & Warehouse & Dispatch Management (AB-EOLA)


We have complete range for end of line & warehouse automation solutions , including advanced AIDC systems.


5 - Automation Brain -Brand Security (AB -BS)


It is the dream of everyone to see their business grow and expand globally to new markets. As a brand owner, you put every heart and soul in developing products and growing the business. But what is so good for the company and people if every product you supply suffers losses due to fake brands?

Beside ensuring that your rightful revenues and market shares are protected, it is also paramount that consumers get the real deal buying your products

Automation brains offers a range of brand-protection solutions through anti-counterfeit labels & unique product codes (PINs) with dedicated server for cross-checking your brand authenticity through SMS - Verification.

Brand Security


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